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Zoot Fuzion FS WetZoot
Maximize your swim with Zoot's Fuzion FS Wetzoot. Made from lightweight C39 cell neoprene, this low-density rubber suit offers flexibility, buoyancy and durability for a speedy split in your next triathlon or open water swim. It's coated with a Yamamoto SCS finish that reduces drag. You'll stay warm, too, thanks to the full-length sleeves. Plus, 3mm and 4mm thick thigh and calf panels ensure easy on/off for fast transitions and the low, tapered collar eliminates chafing while also keeping water out.
Zoot Z Force 3.0 WetZoot - Women's
Slip into Zoot's Z Force 3.0 WetZoot and feel the excellent comfort, flexibility, and buoyancy that will have you powering your way to a stellar open water swim performance. Designed with Yamamoto Cell 39, the Z Force 3.0 is an exceptionally comfortable high-performance wetsuit. Grooved GLIDEflex panels increase stretch for maximum lung expansion, shoulder rotation, and shoulder extension. The Zero Water comfort neck panel eliminates neck constriction to create an extremely low-profile neck seal that limits water entry and stops chafing. Zoot's Optimal Kick Design helps your legs stay in the natural body position to kick, saving your legs for the bike and run. • Yamamoto C39 • Yamamoto GLIDEflex grooved chest panel • SCS hydrodynamic finish • Single layer comfort neck closure • Aqualift • DORSALflex zipper • OKD - Optimal Kick Design • Gender-specific ergonomically shaped panels • Fabric - Front Body: 4mm Yamamoto SCS C39 • Fabric - Center Chest: 3mm Yamamoto SCS GLIDEflex • Fabric - Back Body: 3mm Yamamoto SCS C39 • Fabric - Top Arm: 2mm Yamamoto SCS C39 • Fabric - Under Arm: 2mm Yamamoto SCS C39 • Fabric - Front Leg: 4mm Yamamoto SCS C39 • Fabric - Back Leg: 3mm Yamamoto SCS C39 • Fabric - Seat: 5mm Yamamoto SCS C39
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