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Train & Tri Ride

Every Sunday At 8AM

Come join us on Sunday mornings for a Trek Superstore group ride at our NEW Solana Beach location at 124 N. Rios Avenue. Everyone is welcome on these rides. Helmets are required for all riders. Road and triathlon bikes are welcome.


The use of tri-bars is only allowed if you are at the front leading the group and have experience with group rides. Follow traffic laws and use established group riding techniques. If you are unfamiliar with group technique, please let Coach Susanne Davis know at least TEN minutes BEFORE the ride departs. She can help you or you can ride in the rear. Safety is everyone's priority. Call out or point out holes/debris/changing road conditions including oncoming runner's/pedestrians in your bike lane. You ride at your own risk. Coach Susanne will brief everyone with some basic riding etiquette and the morning's route before the group rolls out. 


Group A - 20-28 mph | Group B - 17-20 mph | Group C - 15-17 mph

Trek Superstore Train and Tri Rides offer the most variety for speed, route, and distance. Beginning at 8AM, our different riding levels will be called out and depart together.

At slower speeds, there is a no-drop policy. If you fall behind, the group will wait. If you tire on the faster rides, there will be another ride behind at a slower pace you can join. You can make this ride a fun social experience, quality miles added to your weekly total or incorporate specific tempo or hill repeats at a strong effort where the section seems appropriate and communicated.


1st Sunday Of The Month

Coastal flatter ride to Oceanside Harbor or Camp Pendleton

Turn around for "C" riders or "A/B" riders wanting less mileage turn around at the Oceanside Harbor for 35.5 mile ride or continue into CAMP Pendleton (BRING ID) with Turnaround and regroup at the 2nd guard gate (Las Pulgas) for a 53.5 mile ride!

2nd Sunday Of The Month

Rolling Hills with a killer climb in the end up Double Peak or San Elijo

Lomas Santa Fe to Rancho Santa Fe out Del Dios Hyw (reverse Swami's) thru Elfin Forrest then ending with a climb 2.5 miles up to Double Peak (5% to 16% grade)! Down to Rancho Santa Fe to Manchester to Coast and back to store for a 40 mile ride!

3rd Sunday Of The Month

10k Tempo work your best pace or cruise around Fairbanks Ranch Loop 1 to 3 laps for 34 miles + ride

4th Sunday Of The Month

Hill Repeats up 3 Witches

Easy warm up heading East on the 101 to Del Mar Heights Road toward Fairbanks where 3 Witches Climb begins (choice to do the hill 1 or 2x) with a return thru Carmel Valley on the 56 bike path for a 30 mile + ride!

Get Involved

Want to help lead or sweep the back of an "A", "B", or "C" ride? Contact Susanne Davis at boomtriathlon.com or tricoachdavis@gmail.com to get on the calendar!

Reward Yourself After

Enjoy a Free Cup of Coffee with your riding mates after your ride at the TREK Superstore. Invite or encourage others to go eat breakfast together at one of the nearby restaurants when you get back!