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Bicycling Made Irresistible

The ultimate electric-propelled, utility vehicle.

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Faraday Electric Bikes

Faraday made a splash by being the first company to place a battery inside the frame and connect it to an algorithm based power system. They have designed their electric bikes from the frame up to have a seamlessly integrated riding experience. They've taken the best parts about riding a bicycle and made them even better. Visit us today to test ride or order online and we'll ship it to your door. 

Faraday Cortland


Faraday Porteur S


Faraday Bikes

"Why I didn’t want an eBike until I found Faraday"

James and Megan recently got rid of their aging second car to buy a Cortland S. In this interview, they talk about the thought process of getting their first eBike and why it was the best option for Megan’s 6-mile San Diego commute. - From Reasons to Ride via Faraday Bikes


Is That the Battery?

In order to preserve the look and feel of riding a bike, Faraday placed the battery within the bike frame. They designed this unique approach from scratch utilizing the best in battery power and safety technology.

Truly Smart Power

Faraday developed a power controller that adjusts the amount of assist you receive based on how you’re pedaling. This gives you exactly what you need, when you need it, smoothly and efficiently.

Stay Ahead of Traffic

Keeping up their seemly execution, Faraday places their motor on the front hub. This helps maintain a natural balance and feel when riding. This 250W motor gives you top speeds of up to 20 mph and comes in under 4 lbs. The hub motor is geared which gives it quick and quiet acceleration.

Simple, Intuitive Controls

Faraday has designed their control system to keep you focused on riding. Three easy to access settings can be easily set while you ride. “Standard” for some slight assistance. “Boost” for tackling hills or going full speed. Or “Off” for the times you want it to be just you and the bike.