Winner of the International Speed Bike of the Year Award

Unsurprisingly, commuting by bike offers a variety of benefits. Besides burning calories and improving health, cycling to work is also shown to boost brain power, offer significant financial savings, and improve the convenience and enjoyability of commuting. But for some, a commute by bike can be daunting with obstacles like hills or headwinds, hot days, or carrying capacity.

The new Trek Super Commuter+ crushes those obstacles with function, power, and elegance. Its top-of-the-line features and design make it the ultimate commuting machine, capable of replacing any vehicle. Read up on the features that set the Super Commuter+ apart from other electric bikes and learn why it is the best new way to get to work.

Comes Ready to Ride

The Trek Super Commuter+ comes from the shop commute-ready. Complete with a rack and fenders for toting power and protection from dirt and water, the bicycle also boasts a built-in lighting system. The Supernova M99 headlight runs automatically off of the bike’s battery for maximum visibility and safety day and night.

Reliable Power From Bosch

Enjoy incredible power with Bosch’s proven reliability. The Super Commuter+ includes a Bosch drive system that offers up high speed performance up to 28 mph to crush hills, wind, and time crunches. Commuting farther and faster is easier with pedal assist that magnifies the human power of the pedals. A built-in, long-lasting battery keeps the power flowing while motor armor provides protection in any conditions.

Comfort and Strength

Designed from the start as an electric bicycle, the Super Commuter+ benefits from a strong frame designed specifically for housing the workings of an e-bike. Its responsiveness and agility provide optimum control for a confident ride at high speeds. Cyclists can ride comfortably thanks to the carbon fork and geometry without sacrificing high performance.

Ideal Balance

In addition to providing strength, an integrated frame-mounted battery and motor provides a low center of gravity for better balance and confidence. Weight distribution and design is optimized for precision handling, making tight turns and quick responses a breeze.