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Trek Domane

Long Days and Rough Roads Are No Match for the Domane

The Domane features Trek's patented IsoSpeed technology, which allows the seat tube to pivot as the bike travels over bumps. Test ride the Domane today to see how comfortable the road can be.

Rear IsoSpeed

Trek’s IsoSpeed technology smoothes even the roughest roads, delivering an efficient and comfortable ride for increased performance and speed. Adjustable rear IsoSpeed allows you to fine-tune your compliance level to suit your ride style and terrain, providing a greater range of compliance than the current Domane and a 14% increase in overall compliance when the slider is in the lowest setting.

Front IsoSpeed

The innovative front IsoSpeed decoupler delivers the perfect smooth and balanced ride, so you can ride faster, longer, and stronger. By allowing the steerer tube to rotate independently from the head tube, front IsoSpeed provides an additional 10% of front-end compliance over a traditional road bike. Front IsoSpeed reduces hard hits and vibration without sacrificing efficiency or control.

IsoCore Handlebar

Bontrager’s IsoCore handlebar improves damping of high-frequency vibrations. A rubber compound specifically used for vibration-damping is included in the carbon layup at specific locations to optimize performance, creating a constrained layer damping system. This allows for the vibrational energy from the road to be efficiently dissipated before having a significant impact on the rider.