Orbea Gain 
Outside Magazine's Road Bike Of The Year


“It’s the most advanced road bicycle we’ve seen in years”

“The appeal is obvious to anyone who wants greater range and a faster ride. On a day when they’d already put in three 25-mile laps, the Gain allowed testers a fourth trip over the mountain that they otherwise wouldn’t have taken. More riding, more speed, more fun—what’s not to like?” - Outside Magazine

Explore The Future Of E-Bikes

Ride Faster And Go Farther

Orbea designed the Gain to boost your riding experience into high gear while still managing to blend in with the crowd. Its e-bike system is modern, integrated, and sleek. Gain embraces your sweat and hard work and works in unison with your efforts to tick off the miles. Distractions have been minimized so it's just you, your bike, and the hours ahead.

Keep Up With The Pack

The heart of the Gain is the pedal-assist rear hub motor, which monitors your pedaling input and adjusts power accordingly. This sophisticated drive system provides smooth and reliable assistance at levels designed to enhance your ride, not dominate it.

Simple Control Center

Gain’s control center is a simple and discreet button integrated into the top tube. It allows you to power the system on or off, check motor assist levels, and view the remaining battery charge. Recharging the system is a breeze—the port on the downtube provides a single interface for charging, system diagnosis, or attaching an external backup battery.

Lightweight & Sporty

The battery is typically one of the most noticeable components of an e-bike system, so Orbea took every step to find the lightest, smallest, and most discreet system available. The result is an exceptionally lightweight, sporty, and rideable bike—a machine that heeds the call of the open road.