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No Flat Tires, Guaranteed

Ride Worry-Free with Super Guard Flat Tire Protection

Don't let another flat tire ruin your ride. For $50, we'll "Super Guard" your bike and guarantee no flats for a whole year. We'll install the industry's leading sealant in both tires and back it up with a one year flat free guarantee. If you get a flat in the first year, just bring it in and we'll fix it for you the same day - free of charge. You don't even need to save your receipt; we keep a record in your customer account to help make it as easy as possible to get you back out on your bike. Stop in today!

*Bike must have replaceable valve core inner tubes. If it does not, they will need to be purchased and installed separately at extra cost.  We reserve the right to refund your $50 and end the guarantee if we determine the number of free repairs to be excessive.

Get a Grip

Maintaining your tires is an important part of protection against flats. Gear up for a great ride by pairing new tires with our Super Guard Flat Tire Protection service.