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Bike Fit Services

Bike Fit at Trek Bicycle Superstore

We Size Before You Buy

Only Trek Bicycle Superstore gives you a FREE GURU bike sizing with no purchase required. We know that there's nothing more important to your enjoyment of your new bike than how it fits. Speed, fun, comfort, and safety are all improved when your fit is optimized. That's why we start every bike purchase with a bike sizing, and we do it for FREE!

Simply stop by any of our locations and we'll have you hop on our GURU bike fit robot. The fit machine will scan your body in seconds and give us a starting point for your bike size. This alone is better than any online fit formula. In 10 to 15 minutes, we'll discover the best position and proper bike fit for YOU, and then match you to the perfect bike from our selection of thousands of options.

Dynamic Sizing - FREE

Please allow 10 -15 minutes

Better than most shops' $150 fit!

Our special camera and software will scan you in seconds to get your body measurements for a baseline.

We'll then adjust the robotic Guru bike WHILE you are riding it. This lets us get feedback from you to find the best fit.

Our database will use this to provide the best brand, model, frame size, and stem for your perfect fit.

Dynamic Professional Fit - $200

Please allow 1 - 1.5 hours

Adjustment to correct crank length based on height of rider

Wide range of bar widths to choose from for proper fit

Full range of Fizik and Bontrager saddles to choose from for proper fit

Dynamic saddle height adjustment

Dynamic bar reach/height adjustment

Power meter used during fit allowing rider to test limitations with different wattage

Live video feed to show rider body position during fitting

Recommendations on proper riding position/posture

Up to five full fit modules for rider to optimize perfect fit

X/Y coordinates transferred to riders existing bike

Rider will be emailed copy of final fit coordinates

30 days to return for re-fit if necessary

Dynamic Premium Fit - $400

Please allow 2-3 hours

Includes Dynamic Professional Fit PLUS:

Motion capture video of rider with precise body angle measurements

Rider will pedal through a computrainer course based on discipline rider specializes in

Spin scan will be performed to help maximize power output during compu trainer course

Add a Tri Bar Fit to any package for only $50!